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Our Favorite Salsa - Fresh Tomatoes Not Needed

Almost every time I make this salsa, someone wants the recipe.  So I thought I would share the simple recipe so that you can keep this to keep in your fridge all the time, like I do.  But it goes fast.  It's a great treat to make, put in a jar and deliver to friends and neighbors. It's perfect with tortilla chips.  But it's also delicious on beans and rice, with scrambled eggs and believe it or not, with steamed or boiled shrimp and avocado.   Scroll to the bottom for just the recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!  Adjust to your heat/spiciness preference, in the type jarred jalapenos you buy. This is what I start with... These jalapeno slices are labeled as "Mild" and have no heat that I can taste. Load up the food processor bowl with everything except the cilantro, and process. Add the cilantro last, and put in as much as it will hold.  Sometimes, I'll just add stems if I have used the rest of cilantro elsewhere a

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